International Transportation

WLL in collaboration with DSV’s global team will liaise with the clients overseas locations / vendors regarding availability of cargo, collection dates, Inspection (to ensure cargo is packed according to shipping standards and freight ready) and positioning of IGIT’s transport for uplift of order.

WLL will then request that the client’s procurement department advises us immediately of any changes to the PO that effect the following:
• Ex-works date
• Terms of delivery 

WLL will keep updates of any changes to original details and ongoing progress of PO.  Sea freight documentation is to be prepared and dispatched in good time and shall include, but not be limited to:
• Bill of lading/AWB
• Certificated of origin
• Certificate of conformity (if required)
• Commercial invoice
• SONCAP (If required)
•Dangerous goods certificate/DGN (if applicable)
• Packing list
• Test certificates/IRC (if required)

WLL will through its partners will coordinate transportation of cargo for supplier yard to designated port of shipping in accordance with agreed terms. WLL will liaise with reputable shipping companies to broker shipping agreements that ensure priority shipping services for client’s cargo. WLL will also ensure that the chosen shipping company is one that frequently sails the west-African cost and does so frequently (weekly/monthly).

WLL will agree on a Pre-alert schedule for every shipment and will be notified of every batch of shipment, details of cargo ready date will be communicated one month (minimum two weeks) ahead of ready date to allow WLL make appropriate plans for Vessel schedule, trucking and documentation procedures for the shipment.

WLL will communicate designated Vessel/Shipping line movement schedules to allow for proper planning and timing.