Proposed KPIs for E2E Operations and Subcontractor Performance

WLL will provide on time daily report of collection, transportation, and delivery activities to the port at origin, if scope is Ex-works.

WLL AMG will provide daily/weekly (as agreed with the client) update of vessel location during the voyage from origin to destination. 

WLL will provide daily updates of activities from the date of arrival of cargo until delivery to Client’s warehouse. 

WLL will provide regular updates on changes in customs tariffs or of new regulations/documentation regarding client’s shipment. 

WLL will ensure timely clearance of cargo, we propose a 7 day period for clearance of cargo in the absence of queries or violations. WLL will ensure all invoices are sent in within the agreed time with vendor and there shall be no delays in billing.

WLL will ensure PODs are signed and copies made available to client for acknowledgment for every delivery made. This will be done in line with the agreed terms with the client. Format will be as agreed with the client.