Solutions for Local Customs Clearance

All documents will be vetted by WLL before final issuing is done at the port of origin and before cargo sails.

WLL will coordinate all customs formalities at destination, i.e. generating assessment from ASCUDYA to arranging Customs examination and attending to possible queries, to interfacing with terminal operators and other Government agencies until final release of cargo. Where hot shot cargoes and critical shipments need to be cleared immediately, pre clearance options under bond will be provided as preferred option. 

WLL has good relations with shipping lines and local terminals and will further strengthen ties with them for possible step down of cargo to Inland ports for easy clearance and delivery to avoid congestions at the major ports.

WLL will ensure that all necessary entries will be done before cargo arrives destination. WLL will designate personnel who will be the primary interface between Client and WLL

The personnel will be solely responsible for all activities regarding Client’s shipment. The Personnel will coordinate all activities from origin to destination and until final delivery to Client’s warehouse.

WLL has built good relationships with the Nigerian customs over the years and will ensure clearance of cargo within 7 days of arrival