Solutions for Local Delivery

For airfreight shipment, WLL has its own dedicated trucks for movement of palletised/loose cargo upon arrival and clearance from the port.

Trucking and delivery (for sea freight shipment) will be ensured within two days after clearance (depending on the state of congestions at the port). 

WLL will also make arrangements for alternative means of transportation (barges) out of the ports in scenarios where port congestion is at its peak.

WLL shall ensure availability of trucks for port loading and delivery of cargo to designated warehouse. WLL has partnership with third party Trucking companies with good knowledge of the ports and also enjoy priority access into the ports, this will ensure quick loading and transportation of client’s cargo from the port.

WLL has good relations with shipping lines and local terminals and will further strengthen ties with them for possible step down of cargo to Inland ports for easy transportation after clearance in the case of congestion at the ports